Reading Options & Payments

Submission Process and Method of Payment

Step #1  Submit a Sample

Submit a sample of your handwriting on unlined paper.   Sign your name as you normally would, and print your name legibly under your signature.  Your sample and all other samples not of your own hand (e.g., someone’s signature, a personal letter, etc.) should be submitted according to the guidelines below.

Samples must be emailed in a PDF or JPG format.  Simply attach the document and email it to  In the body of your email be sure to include your contact information, email address, phone numbers(s) (home, work, cell) and any special instructions or comments.

Step #2  Select a Reading Option

Choose from one of the two reading options (a 15 Minute Audio Reading for $33 or a 30 Minute Audio Reading for $59) above and pay with your credit card or debit.

A screen cast analysis of your sample is sent to you in a YouTube format.  This audio/visual screen cast is emailed as a link and marked unlisted. Only people who have the link to the video will be able to watch it.  It won’t appear in any of YouTube’s public pages, in search results, on your personal channel or on the browse page.  It’s a private video, you don’t need a YouTube account to watch it and there is no limit to the number of people who can view it.  You’ll get a link when you upload the video and then it’s up to you to decide who to share it with.