Dating Advice

You are a speed dating professional and you’ve arranged for the venue, the food and beverages and the men and women who will be attending your special event.  Now, you’re wondering about how you might create that extra special entertainment icebreaker that will help your clients relax and enjoy the process of finding their perfect mate.

I will make your speed-dating event the talk of the town by bringing a new, fun flair to your party that you never thought imaginable.  And with the technology that we now have at our fingertips, submitting a handwriting sample can be accomplished with a quick email to me from your guests’ smartphones.  Voila!  In the blink of an eye I can speak with your event participants via phone or Skype and share the personality traits of each potential mate.

The technology makes it simple, too.  I will view your guest’s submitted handwriting samples on the spot, wowing them with my accuracy and insight into each individual in the room.  Project me onto a laptop, tablet or flat screen TV and it’ll feel as if I am there, standing right beside each participant.  Watch your guests shout and laugh with delight as they experience their individual readings.  All your speed dating members will be able to interact with me, too, as they ask follow-up questions about their individual handwriting personality interpretations.

It’s a great conversation starter and you will find your guests interacting in a way they never would have otherwise.  Your event will be so well received that they’ll be sending tweets and texts to their family and friends about what a great time they had at your gathering – it’s so much fun that you ‘ll have members asking where your next dating event will be.

I deliver speedy, accurate personality descriptions using my handwriting analysis interpretation skills to describe the inner, authentic personality of its author.  These character assessments are delivered via Skype on the Internet and are provided upon immediate receipt of the authored note – even a post-it note will do, but a short, few sentence message tells the story of the writer to a seasoned handwriting analyst like me.  It’s truly engaging and fun for singles seeking that special connection that feels simple and effortless while being insightful and interesting, too.  My handwriting analyses are great conversation starters.  People will be discussing with one another the unique talents and attributes that I knew about them from simply viewing their handwriting sample.

What a relief to know that you’ve found that unique, meaningful and fun-filled activity that will cause your dating members to tweet, “Best dating event ever! I got to know more about my dates in less time, too!”

Contact me for a sample introductory reading for your dating company’s professionals and see how I can make your matchmaking gatherings fun and successful – all accomplished in the blink of an eye!