March 31, 2013

Caitlin's Handwriting Assessment

Caitlin asked me to analyze her handwriting for her; she has been going through some challenges lately and wanted to see if my handwriting analysis could help her to pinpoint details about her personality that could help her to change her life for the better.

Though I speak for nearly 15 minutes about her writing samples, I neglected to say that Caitlin is a very loyal person as shown by her i-dots.  She is therefore very loyal with a few persons to whom she feels emotionally connected.  Her handwriting shows that in addition to being very private about her personal life, Caitlin holds the secrets of others close to the vest, too.  She shows much discretion in terms of not trespassing on the feelings of others.  Caitlin is a very sensitive person and she intuitively knows how to help others in their lives.  She must be careful therefore to not let others take advantage of her good nature.  Unfortunately, as a result of her extending herself for others she can neglect her own inner needs at the risk of losing her sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

Caitlin feels quite disheartened shown by the descending words at end of her sentences.  Depression and anxiety are present and Caitlin feels zapped of her energy.  In my professional opinion, Caitlin is very hard on herself and she represses her emotions as seen in her m's and n's and in other specific letters in her handwriting sample provided.  She holds her emotions in so tight that she re-circles her a's and o's and d's.  Her letter "d" indicates that she feels stressed in society and she does not feel safe.  I do not know why she feels this way however, her handwriting shows this distrust of the public and the standards that society sets.  Perhaps Caitlin has suffered from some sort of injustice in her life, whether that be an injustice served by a relative, employer, a stranger or an institution (such as a church, school, the government or some other authoritative body).

Caitlin shows that she has perfectionistic character to the point where she may suffer from being obsessive about performing tasks perfectly.  She can be very self-critical in demanding perfection from herself in performing daily tasks and routines.  She is a good planner and does this with relative ease. She is effective in looking ahead to the future and may get caught up in futuristic "what-ifs" which can internally generate unnecessary worry.  Professionally, she is the one in the workplace who can anticipate and make quick, intelligent adjustments to ward off unwanted outcomes.

Caitlin has an interesting desire to be both creative and unique while at the same time, wanting to have some structure in her life. She is practical and approaches problem solving with the need for a sense of order and process.  However, she has an internal desire to be creative and free spirited, doing her own thing as she desires.  This quality may lead her to unrewarding work in which too much repetition becomes stifling to her creative side of her personality. Above all, Caitlin needs purpose in performing her work and jobs that require simple maintenance bore her and are an insult to her intelligence.

Caitlin is a smart person who has an investigative mind and likes to communicate her ideas to others.  She has a good communication ability (very fluent in communicating with others both in writing and verbally).  But, Caitlin is self-conscious about giving public speeches and might feel very nervous about getting up and speaking in public. Frustrations about her financial income are perhaps due to her inability to overcome mood swings that take her in different directions thus diminishing her power of focus.

Caitlin needs to find stable ground, a personal calling if you will, from which to launch a new career for herself that includes new personal life goals.

March 26, 2013

I Have A Handwriting Twin I Never Knew About

Last night,  I went to eat at the Box Office Bistro in Chatham with my husband, Nick and my sister-in-law, Joanna.  As I was sitting there, a very nice young woman sat to our right at the beautiful bar.  Once we started talking and she learned that I was a handwriting analyst, I offered to do a mini-reading for her and suggested that she write a short phrase on a restaurant napkin.  I suggested she write this phrase, "I went to the store with Joanna" and when I was handed the napkin, my jaw dropped!  I was looking down at handwriting that looked eerily similar to mine.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I was so amazed that a complete stranger whom I'd never met before had handwriting that was uncannily a match to my own handwriting.  In my mind, I was thinking, "Oh my God!"  I told the young woman named Courtney that her handwriting was almost exactly like mine.  She looked rather surprised and so, without hesitation, I wrote the same phrase under her handwriting.

Needless to say, I could tell Courtney all about herself because, frankly, the handwriting was so similar to mine that I could describe her personality with no problem - it was as if I was talking about myself.  Truly shocking to me!  In the 25 years that I've been doing handwriting analysis I've never come across a person who has handwriting that is so matched to my own.  WOW!  The universe does throw curve balls once in a while and this was one of those times.  Needless to say, we got along just swell and "understood" one another rather quickly.

So view the handwriting sample that I scanned from the napkin we wrote upon and see how similar our handwritings are.  It truly is a one-time event :)