April 01, 2013

Rain's Handwriting Assessment

Rain's handwriting shows a personality that is very creative and kind.  She has the ability to intuit what other people are thinking and she is rather insightful about observing her environment and understanding people and their motivations.  Rain appreciates the fine things in life but is not pretentious.  She likes the simple things in life - a nice walk on the beach or a hike to a country retreat, a romantic walk at sunset, the beauty of a nice garden and flowers - all of nature rejuvenates Rain and she relishes her alone time nestled with her favorite pet and perhaps a good book.

Rain is very sensitive to the feelings of others.  She could perform several professions but the helping vocations come to mind first.  She is very considerate of her peers and is rather quiet and unassuming in social situations.  Rain would much prefer to be introduced to new friends than work at going around the room at a party and introducing herself - such an effort would be viewed as being challenging to Rain and she much prefers that someone else take the lead in this regard.  Rain is very loyal to her friends and family and her kind-hearted, sincere approach to others helps her to gain a few intimate relationships that are meaningful to her.  Reserved and sometimes withdrawn, Rain is more apt to sit quietly and listen and observe others' behaviors than jump into the fray.  Her straightforward, innocent style is attractive to people and she attracts people to her who recognize her integrity of character and her simple honesty.

Rain takes her time in assimilating new information - she is very thorough in how she approaches problem solving and is not inclined to jump to conclusions.  Rather, she is very methodical in accumulating data to support her conclusions and make wise decisions.  Rain cannot understand the drama and emotional tirades of her peers or family members who are more likely to show their emotions.  Rain keeps an incredible sense of poise even when things are hectic or off-kilter; she is the calm within the storm, and therefore can be asked to be the stabilizer when others are lost in their emotional outbursts.  Rain is often the person upon whom much responsibility is hoisted as a result of her exterior calm.  Sometimes, this can be a burden to Rain who is so kind that she will be there for others, even when she is frightened and unsure herself.  Rain is a good natured person who will be the ever-loyal supporter of causes and is eager to advocate for those she perceives of as the "victim."  Rain does not like bureaucracy and red tape and she resents those who put on airs about their titles or their credentials - pomp and puffery are not part of her personality and she expects people to be as honest as she is in her day to day interactions.  As a result, Rain can be disappointed in those who present themselves to be honest and prove later to be a fake.  This is particularly frustrating to Rain because she believes that everyone is as conscientious as she - only to learn that that is not the case.

Rain would like to have more financial support in her life - she wishes she had more stability in this regard.  Rain is not a materialistic person however she needs to feel safe and she relishes the small comforts in life.  Rain yearns for connection with only a few individuals in her life - she is content to have the closeness of an intimate relationship or two, and is not likely to fall for the trappings of celebrity.  Rain is a peaceful individual who resonates with children and animals and cares for the world in which we live.  Her concern for the preservation of nature is a cause that Rain could fight for and her interests in the arts are commendable.  Perhaps artistic herself, Rain may like to draw, paint or play music.  Dance and theatre are attractive to Rain as well.  Writing is something that Rain may enjoy along with reading a good novel.  Rain is simply a very kind, wise soul.

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