February 18, 2013

Mariana's Evaluation

Mariana contacted me for an analysis of her handwriting.  Mariana has suffered from serious back pain and came across my website where I described my own healing from TMS, or Tension Myoneural Syndrome as coined by Dr. John Sarno. 

Mariana is a very lovely person as shown by the roundedness of her handwriting.  She is very honest, kind and concerned about taking care of those with whom she comes into contact.  Mariana is likely the person everyone calls or emails or visits when they have a challenge in their lives.  She likes to enjoy social events and parties might be fun for her, though she much prefers to socialize with people she knows and trusts.  

A creative person, Mariana is probably appreciative of the arts in general.  She may be an artist herself. She could be good at performing tasks that require attention to detail within the creative arts realm of activity.  She might, for instance be an excellent craftsperson or photographer.

Mariana is very cumulative in her thinking and is careful to follow directions when learning new skills. Once she learns a new skill she never forgets but she takes her time when initially learning new information.

Mariana holds her most intimate feelings inside herself and this is the main reason why I indicate in her reading that she has repression of emotion.  I get into more particulars in the screencast here, but I will say that for Mariana, she probably represses her feelings in order to satisfy the inner drive to be there for others - in other words, she doesn't wish to impose on friends and family.  Also, losing control of a situation goes so against the grain with Mariana that she suppresses negative emotions in order to appear to be happy.  And most of the time, Mariana is enjoying social activities - she loves to live in the moment but is careful not to show improprieties.

Watch the screencast I made of Mariana's handwriting samples.  I welcome any comments, observations or questions.

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