January 25, 2013

Use The Technology and Get Quick Advice

Perhaps you just met that special someone and you're wondering if he's the one?  By taking a photo image of his handwriting with your smartphone and sending it to me via email, I can review the image and give you a 3 minute video profile via the Internet.  With a quick turnaround, you can know what to expect.  Send your own handwriting as well and I can tell you even more about how the two of you would get along, long term.  Your emotional responses to relationships, your internal belief systems and your innate characteristics can all be see by the power of the pen.

Look no further for insights...your girlfriends are saying to watch out and they don't think he's the one, but you are feeling that special flame that says, "Hey, this guy is special."  Gain confirmation about how he might be with you when the initial romantic feelings start to simmer from that initial attraction.  Will he marry me?  Is he the type to be honest and loyal?  Will he treat me with respect?  Does he have a temper?  Is he likely to cheat on me?  Is he cautious about commitment?  Will he be able to socialize with my family and friends?  Is he likely to express his feelings for me, or is he the quiet silent type?  Does he have sexual hangups or is his libido healthy?  Is he one to be controlling, or will he gladly share in my interests and friendships?  Is he generous, or will be be frugal?  Does he have ambition to achieve his career goals?  Is he balanced or will I be dealing with a personality who is unpredictable?  All these and more personality attributes can be identified by an expert handwriting analyst like me.  Write to me at WriteLianne@gmail.com and arrange your payment on the right hand column of this blog - the Pay Now button will direct you to the paypal or credit card payment.  My fees are incredibly reasonable and I'll save you time and angst by describing what to expect out of your new boyfriend.  Answers are on their way by writing to me.  Let me help you to see who the real guy is behind the handsome face and engaging smile.  Put your mind at ease and write me now.  Learn more about yourself in the process too, and how you might be a happier, committed couple.

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