January 27, 2013

Picking the "Write" College Major Using Handwriting Analysis

With so many options these days, it is difficult to focus on one discipline of study that will match your unique talent and temperament.  How many 18-22 year olds do you know who truly have an idea about what profession to pursue?  Unless you've had the benefit of career coaching or excellent guidance from parents and counselors and teachers at school, you might be perplexed as to what to do with your life.  Don't fret because you are not alone.  In fact, there are more and more adult learners changing their careers in this rapidly changing technological environment and so you are not to blame yourself if you are stumped by the range of career options open to you.

Asking yourself which careers offer higher salaries is an important consideration when selecting your major of study.  After 4-6 years of study you most likely will have student loan debts to pay once you graduate.  But don't be narrow minded in only taking into account the monetary rewards.  If you were to ask most successful professionals what factor most contributed to their success they'd say that doing work that is meaningful to them spurred their rise to the top.  Don't get me wrong - great compensation is an important consideration when making such career choices because your ability to be empowered in paying your bills will make you feel valued and worthy.  But there's nothing like the professional satisfaction in sharing your mastery with clients to make you feel purposeful about your life contributions.

Sometimes, the path to clarity is in deciphering what you know you would dislike doing.  Certainly this is a method that can work for you but why not contact me for a quick personality profile based on your own handwritten words?  Language is a powerful thing and your subconscious mind exposes your true self in your handwriting.  Believe it or not your handwriting can show me as a trained graphologist the specific innate talents you have in your repertoire.  So contact me now and let me know the main question on your mind.  I will review your handwriting sample emailed to me and give you a quick synopsis of your personality and your unique gifts.

Life is all about choice and if you can gain valuable information to help you make healthy decisions for yourself, then you owe it to yourself to contact me for an assessment.  I think you'll be convinced that my expertise can help you sort your vocational interests faster than you can take a personality test, and that is very efficient indeed.  Don't sit in muddled confusion hoping that your parents or your teachers will have the answers for you that are in your very own being, waiting to be expressed.  Handwriting analysis offers an empirical method that's proven to be very successful in identifying vocational interests and aptitudes.  Contact me and I will interpret your handwriting in order to give you guidance about what college major(s) make most sense for you, given your character.  Email me now for quick, cost-effective and meaningful guidance.  You will be thrilled you took the opportunity to try a new approach in finding the profession that matches your best self.

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