January 26, 2013

Let Me Help You Make The "Write" Career Choices

Are you stuck in making decisions about your career path?  Are you unsure about what to do with your life?  Is the bad economy getting you down because you've trained for working in a professional environment yet you've been unable to find your niche given your specific talents?  Or, are you exasperated trying to advance within your company and you just don't know how to navigate the waters of office politics?  Let me view your handwriting sample and I will direct you on your strengths and weaknesses in order to advise you about how you can use your innate talents for furthering yourself in the workplace.  Your true self can be seen in the way you physically write; those swoops and swirls denote meaning that only a handwriting analyst can ascertain with a learned eye. The confusion of conflicting needs can be so frustrating to handle yet your own handwriting can literally show you which direction might be more matched to your innermost, authentic self.

With a handwriting analysis profile from me  I will help you see through to your highest self, understanding clearly what only your sub-conscious mind knows.  In other words, the answer is literally within you in the center of your being, expressing itself in your handwritten script.  As a professional of graphology (the study of handwriting analysis) I can act as an handwriting interpreter in identifying what career choices would be most meaningful for you given your individual personality preferences and gifts.  You will be astounded by what I can see in a handwritten note that perhaps your closest friends and colleagues may not know.  Life is about making sound, meaningful choices that meet our desires and this certainly includes making one's career decisions.  Why not consult with me, an objective party who can give you new insights about where your true talent lies and how to focus on activating those strengths?  Don't delay your desire to achieve your professional life dreams.  Email me your handwriting and I will help you cut straight through to the heart of the matter.  

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