January 23, 2013

Happy National Handwriting Analysis Day!

Happy Birthday to my new web blog, DearLianne.com! How fitting that the first day of Dear Lianne is on National Handwriting Analysis Day - now that is a great sign, if you ask me. I am so looking forward to this new journey that we are about to embark upon together. I plan to submit regular posts for this site so please start sending in your writing samples along with your main question or concern, and be amazed by what I can see about the pen's author. It truly is a great discipline and I think you're going to be very impressed by how quickly I can describe your personality profile. Or if you're looking for insights about the characteristics of a family member, friend, work colleague - perhaps even a complete stranger who interests you - be amazed by how quickly I can assess their individual approach to life simply by viewing their handwriting.

There are so many people who need advice these days and the assistance I can give you with my graphology skill is perhaps just the professional input that you need. In 3 minute videos, I will show you that I am very committed to this expertise called handwriting analysis. People ask me, "How did you know that about me?" when I glance at their signature or short note and begin listing their qualities within seconds. It is a great experience for me to see people's mouths drop open in utter amazement.

Handwriting analysis you're absolutely inspiring to me. You've been a great personal and professional friend for 21 years now and you never cease to surprise me for I am always learning new things about you. First, you have intelligent ways of knowing what makes people tick. You recognize with split second precision whether a person is outgoing, introverted, or a combination of both. You have a great way of making people feel comfortable within a short period of time. You're open-minded because you enable me to get to know so many diverse people having different beliefs and points of view. You have such a great analytical mind, offering insights that others take months or years to understand. You love and appreciate the special nuances of language and letter formations; every ink motion is appreciated for what it is and its traits are fully measured and understood with uncanny accuracy. You're both intuitive and concrete in your thought processes; you notice the details but yet you see the holistic view when it comes to making conclusions. You're fun-loving and smart while you generate great party conversations.  People find you to be charismatic and accessible.

Finally, I love that you see the best and worst in people yet you accept people as they are with unbiased judgment. You don't discriminate based on gender, age, or ethnicity. You don't emphasize our differences but rather, our sameness, our oneness. As far as you're concerned it's an even playing field and you cannot see if someone is overweight, too skinny or just the right weight for their height. You refuse to judge based on skin color or hairstyle or the clothing worn. You don't choose to like or dislike someone for being rich or poor, young or old. You can speak to children at the exact level they can understand. If someone is ill, you show compassion by pointing out the true beliefs and fears that may have subconsciously led to your being in dis-ease. And, you carefully point to solutions for how one can change their inner self in positive ways, thereby changing their outer life experience.

You are wise and true and reliable. You are loyal to your rules and yet you leave some things up to interpretation. You are very wise and unassuming and you don't get caught up in predicting the future or worrying about what is to come. You are grounded in the present moment and you therefore see where people are at "write" here and "write"now. Handwriting Analysis, you're "wonderfulll!" as my mother would say with her unique enthusiastic emphasis on this lovely adjective.

I sing to you, my dear wise friend. This day, January 23rd, we celebrate you for who you are and I praise your birth cheerfully singing, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear National Handwriting Analysis Day, Happy Birthday to you!" May this upcoming new year bring much joie de vivre;  a full life with flowing abundance and old and new friends with whom to enjoy your days. You are the passionate pen pal who gives meaning to those you encounter from all walks of life. Thank you for being who you are and for bringing interesting and new experiences into my life and to the lives of those whom I serve.

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