January 29, 2013

Are You Unemployed And Don't Know What To Do Next?

Unemployment is the most horrendous experience for those who want to be working, so if you've never been unemployed consider yourself fortunate.  There is something about what we do for a living that defines our role in society and believe me, all social situations require that the unemployed brace themselves for the question, "So what do you do for a living?"  The lack of money can send one over the edge but add a hefty dose of low self esteem to the financial distress and you have a recipe for disaster.  While friends and family members are enjoying professional careers that are rewarding with salaries to match you're wondering to yourself if you will ever work again.

 Maybe I can help you.  Not only do I have the compassion for coaching the unemployed or the underemployed but I also have an expertise that can help you cut to the heart of the matter.  In your handwriting is shown the true you.  I can view your handwriting sample and tell you what you should do for a living given your personality profile.  I was a career counselor in my earlier career; I worked for Northeastern University and I placed hundreds of students into internships that often turned into permanent positions.  I loved doing this work!  We used to play a game in the office where we counselors would predict who would be hired for which co-op positions.  I had a good accuracy rate in my predictions because I intuitively "knew" who was suited for each opportunity.  I attribute my accuracy to my knowledge of handwriting analysis.  My boss and colleagues always wondered how I "knew" who fit into which position or project.  I never divulged about this skill, but it was my own little secret tool.

So now I don't keep this talent secret anymore.  I often want to share my talent with complete strangers, eager to help if someone expresses that they "wish they knew what to do with their lives."  The worst aspect of unemployment is the confidence you once had is eroded and you don't feel worthy anymore.  It's like your mind shuts down and you can't sift out your choices with a level head - you lose your very identity.  All of the intelligence and talent in the world is suddenly drowned in the muck of unemployment quicksand and it takes you down so quickly.  Friends and family feel helpless as they watch you become full of despair and despondency not wanting to even make the effort. It all feels so emotionally painful and you feel ashamed that you are so bewildered by the dilemma that you've convinced yourself is all your fault.

But the truth is that things happen that are not necessarily your doing.  A new leader of your company comes in and she reorganizes the leadership.  Your boss is out and then so are you.  Whether you've been productive and loyal is not the issue.  It's a new game and you hit the wrong square on the game board.  You  receive the "Go To Jail" card which is the equivalent of your being out of the game for a while.  Your professional friends are showing their own fears and they say to you, "That's such a bummer" but the reality is they're inwardly glad it was not their job that was lost.  Former comrades are hesitant to keep in touch with you as if they'd inherit the unemployment virus from which you suffer; it's too catchy and  they won't take that risk.  So, you're feeling pretty lonely and out of place as you visit the local coffee house in the middle of the day when you should be at work.

Thank God for wireless communications and cafes.  I can't emphasize enough what the small cafes and diners and bistros do for the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled and the lonely, not to mention those who are more fortunate and enjoy happy lives.  If it weren't for these wonderful little hovels in our communities I believe our healthcare systems would be even more overflowing with patients.  The social hello, a knowing glance of sympathy or a brief conversation with another regular patron can be the best salve for an aching heart. One who has lost connection to the world they'd known before unemployment, disability or retirement gains a sense of community in these local town diners and cafes.  I love small restaurants and I appreciate all that proprietors of these businesses do for their villages.

That's why I offer to visit coffee shops on the south shore of Massachusetts and Cape Cod to give advice to individuals based on their handwriting.  If you don't happen to live where I am we can use the technology and you can Skype me from the coffee shop or diner you love to visit.  Maybe I can help you to see where your talents lie and how to rebuild your life based on your special gifts that you did not develop while you were working for corporate America.  Send me an email and I will make arrangements to review your handwriting for new career options that you might want to consider in creating a new career.  You won't regret communicating with me.  My costs are very reasonable and the solutions come quickly.

You are worthy of the best advice - give me a try and email to me your handwriting.  On the right hand column of this site is the paypal button where you can make your $22. 00 (US Dollars) payment for a 15 minute video from me telling you about where your talents are and therefore, what careers might be most suited to your individual abilities.  Send me an email now and gain the "write" perspective.  Your life should be brighter and I believe that I can assist you with professional advisement mixed with some compassion for your current situation.  Write me for learning solutions that will get you out of your unemployment funk.  Love yourself and send me your handwriting sample for some quality unbiased input from a certified handwriting analyst and career coach.

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